HLE Multi Axis 3+1 Horizontal B-Axis

Multi Axis 3+1 Horizontal B-Axis
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  • 8915-21 Learn how to create transform toolpaths, machine group management, mill toolpaths menu, toolpath transform command, rotate type, toolplane method, coordinate method, source NCI, group NCI output by operation order and operation type, copy source operations, select toolpaths to transform/rotate, work offset numbering, rotate tab, set instances rotation plane, review in backplot simulation, create a second transform operation for drilling, review both transform operation in machine simulation, sub program, review the NC output in code expert.

About This Lesson

In this lesson group you will work with a project that contains a part to be machined using a 4th axis horizontal with rotary. Learn how set up and program, collision check and simulate the cutting motion using machine simulation. 

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