HLE Facing Toolpath

Facing Toolpath
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  • 3409-23 Create a 2D facing toolpath using wireframe, solid edges and the stock boundary definition, define stock in the stock setup menu, define basic facing parameters, select tool, mill toolpaths menu, 2D milling toolpath group, cut parameters, cut style, across and overlap of tool, stepover, exit distance, high speed loops, depth cuts if needed, incremental or absolute values, stock definition, linking parameters, levels manager, turn level visibility on/off, chaining method, solid edge or wireframe selection, quick view settings, adjust feed and speed, speed feed calculator, preview toolpath in backplot and adjust view, review in Mastercam simulator using verify.

About This Lesson

This lesson covers the Mill Facing toolpath. This is one of the most commonly used toolpaths in industry. There are many cutting options and settings to learn here. This toolpath is specifically for overlapping the entire selected boundary or stock. If you need to overlap only a portion of the selected boundaries, see 2D dynamic milling and use that toolpath instead.

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