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Turn It Up!

Turn It Up!

See what you can learn in our all-new Mill-Turn training section for Mastercam 2021!

By Callie Morgan
November 23rd, 2020, 4:00 PM PDT.

Mill-Turn CNC machines are known for their multitude of benefits, including the ability to machine parts with less operations, and a reduced need to move parts between different stations, which, in turn, means less part handling and inaccuracies. 
Our all-new training section teaches programming Mastercam Mill-Turn in a .machine environment. We are focusing our training on .machine because this is the standard programming environment for modern Mill-Turn CNC machines. Most importantly, the .machine environment is capable of machine simulation through the very powerful and detailed Mastercam Simulator. When you have a machine with rotating tool operations, machine simulation is a must-have feature for avoiding tool collisions.
Our “Introduction to Mill-Turn” lesson group is the very first lesson group in our Mill-Turn section. This lesson group teaches you how to program a single-turret dual-spindle machine in a .machine environment. 
The first lesson in this group lays out Mill-Turn licensing, what to expect in the next lessons, and the benefits of using a .machine environment. The subsequent lessons cover the differences between using .machine versus the older environment, Mastercam Simulator, the tool setup manager, setting up jobs, component libraries, tool locators, and the basics of Sync Manager. 
The next lesson groups that will be added to this section in the future will cover programming for B-Axis and Dual-Turret Mill-Turn machines. We will keep you updated about when these sections will become available on Streamingteacher. To get started learning Mill-Turn, visit our new section in the Mastercam 2021 Library here! To get a look at all the new features added in Mastercam 2021 Mill-Turn, watch our presentation “2021 NFS Part 8 - Mill-Turn” with a Streamingteacher Pro account.

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