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Everything Shiny & New Coming in 2020!

Everything Shiny & New Coming in 2020!

In June 2020, we launched our training content for Mastercam 2021 and our New Feature Presentation Series, where we cover new features and tools found in the newest update.
Our 2021 content currently includes sections on Design, Interface, Mill, Router, Solids, Lathe, Router 3D and Mill 3D and Multi Axis. Our 2021 content includes lessons on the new Advanced Drill toolpath, Bounding Box Wrap, Chaining in 2021, Content Files, custom tool creation and more! 
We have a TON of new stuff coming soon for 2021 including the new 3+2 Auto Rough toolpath, Edit and Reflow UV, the Multi Axis Pocketing toolpath, Lathe custom thread forms, and workholding modeling for lathe.
We are excited to announce that we will be adding a section dedicated to Mill Turn to the Mastercam 2021 library this Fall! The final presentation of our NFS Series will include updates to Mill Turn, so be sure to watch it on the Pro dashboard on July 31st. 
We kicked off our New Feature Series (NFS) presentations for Mastercam 2021 in mid-June and will be hosting five more presentations until the end of this month. The recordings of these presentations can be watched anytime with a Pro account OR one-time live for free. Follow us on social media or check out this month’s newsletter to get the registration links for the live sessions. 

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