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A Time For Change

A Time For Change

As Streamingteacher celebrates its 15th year, we realize how things have changed. The work environment, the parts, the people, the machines, and the technology

With the launch of our new website, we are introducing a new price structure, and many new features to make a better use of your time. We do this to help you invest in improving your Mastercam skills with the time you have. With 15 years under our belt, we have had a chance to gather a lot of feedback about the challenges for both students as well as currently employed Mastercam programmers.

For the student: quick, easy, and economical access to Mastercam training. We are known for working perfectly with any curriculum developed by an instructor, or for preparing for proficiency exams. Instructors can use our website to learn how things are done now, instead of relying on how things were done 15 years ago. Professional CAD/CAM programmers are faced with keeping their shops running, while they attempt to learn new programming techniques. With having to deal with the newest, complex CNC machines, and the latest cutting tools, it’s difficult for programmers to keep up with the new features that Mastercam brings out every year. The ability to login to Streamingteacher and search for exactly what you might be challenged with, and being presented with a panel of related videos that you can watch on your own schedule has never been more important. The new Streamingteacher remembers everything about where you left off. With our new website you can pause a video, log off, and the next time you come back you can go right to where the video was paused. There is a great notes section available to you for each video, and going back through your watch history can be very helpful to get you back on track if you have been gone a while. Segmented, modern training of the very latest Mastercam version is developed by seasoned Mastercam users to help shorten your learning curve. As programmers we have all browsed Youtube, finding videos that are the wrong versions, poor examples, wrong application, or just a vague demonstration instead of detailed instructions. Streamingteacher always strives to maintain our reputation of providing you with excellent, high quality videos with a focus on how to use a feature and when it should be used. After seeing what Streamingteacher has to offer, we hope to see you subscribe and keep up with all that the world of Mastercam has to offer you. Thank you for visiting Streamingteacher.com

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