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I used Streamingteacher in the evenings at home to be prepared for things that I know are coming up at work in the next couple of days. I have books for Mastercam, but Streamingteacher is much better because you can hear, as well as see what is happening. I use Mastercam for complex parts on ProtoTrac machines. It saves me a lot of fat finger time and mistakes. I would recommend this program to all who wish to learn Mastercam at their own pace.
Paul A. Wedde, Dexter Design, Hillsboro, Oregon
Great product, we've tried them all at Central Oregon Community College and this is by far the best we have used
Joe Huddleson, Central Oregon Community College, Bend, OR
Streamingteacher is the genuine thing! You cannot learn more from any on site training facility as you can obtain from Streamingteacher. Streamingteacher allows me to train in the comfort of my home any time and allows me to go back and refer to sessions that I might have not understood the first time. Keep up the good work! I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for courseware that is well presented and very professionally done. Well Done!
Leon Ladewig, Ultra-Flow, Cape Town, South Africa
I made a big jump in Mastercam versions. V9 to 2018. Streamingteacher soften that blow a lot. Video's are put together very well. The little tips and tricks that I find in most the video's are the most important part to me. They really helped me to move around the, new to me, interface. I really appreciate the live presentations they do. Even if presentation is about something I never use there is always something that I learn and apply elsewhere. Beginner or advance users I believe could benefit from spending sometime watching some or all of these video's.
Mat Clum, Micro-Trains, Talent, Oregon
Great tool to learn the evolving software, really helps speed up the process of adapting and learning new tricks to streamline your programming process and skills!
Justin Souther, Georgia, USA
Highly recommend, nicely priced
Marko S., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
As a community college student, Streamingteacher has been a lifesaver. In pursuit of my mechanical design dream job, I’ve enrolled myself in various machining/manufacturing programs with various local community colleges. The greatest educational barrier on the path to learn CAD/CAM so far has been the lack of advanced college courses dedicated to the subject. Anywhere. In the country. To that end, I’ve followed a degree path of my own making that combines engineering prerequisites with two back-to-back associates degrees. In both of which Streamingteacher has been my only real CNC programming teacher.
Jesse F., Seattle, Washington
Here at Clackamas Community College we have been using Streamingteacher for several years for all of our Mastercam courses. The students simply love it! They are able the watch up-to-date videos as often as necessary while practicing with the provided Mastercam files. The use of Streamingteacher has eliminated the need for expensive textbooks that quickly become outdated. Instructors are better able to manage students at different skill levels by assigning specific videos for those who are struggling with various functions. Because the videos are made by industry-seasoned tried and true CNC machinists/programmers, they often contain advice regarding how to properly apply various Mastercam functions. This is very helpful for those who are continuing to hone their machining skills.
Wes Locke, Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, Oregon
Wilson C., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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