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Streamingteacher® training Includes Unlimited Access To:

• Over 650 Audio/Video based lessons, videos are constantly being added (applies to paid Mastercam® subscriptions)
• Various types of sample files that you download and follow along with
• Real world projects that utilize combinations of functions and toolpaths in Mastercam

    Additional user subscriptions have the same subscription duration. The subscription(s) begins immediately after purchasing the courseware. Subscriptions for additional users must be made in the initial transaction to qualify for the discount. Re-subscription discount is only available if new subscription(s) are purchased prior to the expiration of existing subscription.

    This Courseware Covers:

    Introduction, Interface, data entry, geometry creation, geometry editing and manipulation, solids, drafting, import/export, toolpath management, machine definition, views/planes/wcs, transformation, milling toolpaths, surface machining, lathe toolpaths, C+Y axis Mill/Turn, router toolpaths, and much more. And includes an HLE (Home Learning Edition) version of the software.

      System Requirements

      • IBM PC 64 Bit or Mac with Boot Camp
      • Internet Connection (Dial-up, DSL, Cable, etc.)
      • Browser must have Flash enabled
      • Browser must have cookies enabled
      • Sound card and speakers on your computer, or better yet, a soundcard and headphones
      • Java and Cookies must be enabled for ecommerce purchases

      NOTE: To run the current version of the Mastercam® HLE software you are required to have Windows 7 or newer operating system on your computer.  You can view the training videos with any operating system that will run flash files, you just will not be able to work along with the videos in the HLE/student version of the software.


      Your Place. Your Time. Your Pace.

      With a secure credit card purchase, you can begin learning from trained professionals. Gain unlimited access to detailed audio/video training during the length of your subscription. With quality streaming video and crystal clear voice-over it’s like having an instructor by your side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      • Learn from anywhere internet access is available and from any smart device – 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

      • Adjustable Table of Contents allows you to customize your learning experience

      • This Courseware is Authorized by CNC Software, the makers of Mastercam® and Spaceclaim®

      • User has ability to keep track of their studies, checking off completed items

      • If you are subscribing to our Mastercam® training you can follow along with the detailed table of contents for proper sequencing of the training material, while running Mastercam® at the same time.

      • Downloadable files provided that allow you to work along with the projects

      • Courseware is developed and backed by experienced instructors and resellers

      • If you are subscribing to our Mastercam® training it is designed to be used with the HLE (Home Learning Edition/demo) or full version software

      • Experience powerful streaming videos that are designed to be followed in Mastercam

      • Listen to crystal clear voice-over lecture from the best instructors in the industry

      • You have the ability to pause, rewind and replay video segments repeatedly as many times as you like, during your learning experience.

      Comprehensive Courseware intended for:

      • Users migrating from older versions

      • As reference material that changes as Mastercam updates

      • Those who desire self paced / self guided learning

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      Why StreamingTeacher?

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      Your Place.

      Study from home or work. Keep track of progress no matter where you are.
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      Your Time.

      Fit your training around your schedule. No need to schedule specific training days.
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      Your Pace.

      Watch, review, practice. Study while running the included HLE training software. Load the sample files and follow along.
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      Powerful Search.

      Advanced keyword search to help you find exactly what you are looking for.
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      Industry Experts.

      Courseware is created by industry professionals that use the software every day.
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      Filter and Explore.

      Our unique topic filter narrows down the training to match your needs. Study only the features and concepts that apply to you.

      What People Say

      Testimonials from around the world.

      Prescott Valley, Arizona

      Justin Alvis

      Vaporless Mfg. Inc. - Prescott Valley, Arizona
      “I live over 100 miles away from the nearest reseller and training, so this class was a lifesaver for me. I have used most of the training books and would say Streamingteacher is much better than any of them.”
      Hillsboro, OR

      Kevin Nguyen

      Acumed, Inc. - Hillsboro, Oregon
      “The courseware on Streamingteacher helped me as a student to gain the knowledge on how to use Mastercam. The material was well presented, and the instructor is excellent, helping to answer all of the student questions clearly. I work for the R&D department at Acumed making programs for machines such as Trunnion 5X mill, lathe, wire EDM and Swiss machine. I recommend Streamingteacher’s program to others as I have found it to be very helpful.”
      Cape Town, South Africa

      Leon Ladewig

      Ultra-Flow - Cape Town, South Africa
      “Streamingteacher is the genuine thing! You cannot learn more from any on site training facility as you can obtain from Streamingteacher. Streamingteacher allows me to train in the comfort of my home any time and allows me to go back and refer to sessions that I might have not understood the first time. Keep up the good work! I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for courseware that is well presented and very professionally done. Well Done!”
      Hillsboro, OR

      Paul A. Wedde

      Dexter Design - Hillsboro, Oregon
      “I used Streamingteacher in the evenings at home to be prepared for things that I know are coming up at work in the next couple of days. I have books for Mastercam, but Streamingteacher is much better because you can hear, as well as see what is happening. I use Mastercam for complex parts on ProtoTrac machines. It saves me a lot of fat finger time and mistakes. I would recommend this program to all who wish to learn Mastercam at their own pace.”
      Portland, OR

      Kevin Lenker

      Hanard Machinery - Portland, Oregon
      “I have used and will continue to use Streaming Teacher at work and at home. The personalized training that you can accomplish at your own pace is like a private tutor sitting next to you. Streaming Teacher is always growing, which makes it a valuable resource in our engineering group. Questions that come up from time to time in technique and the helpful tips that are shared are only a mouse click away. The interactive ability of Streaming Teacher to stop and replay any portion of the lesson has made it a flexible tool. I would say that it is the most innovative way to learn Mastercam. I would recommend this to anyone that is a first time user or an experienced user of Mastercam.”
      Woodland, WA

      Dave Paladeni

      U.S.N.R. - Woodland, Washington
      “Streamingteacher puts Mastercam far above any other CAM software I have used.”
      Newberg, OR

      Jody Thatch

      Climax Portable Machine Tools, Inc. - Newberg, OR
      “Overall I was very pleased with the courseware offered and would recommend it to others. It was very helpful to me. I liked the format. It was easy to use and could be referred to anytime and repeated as needed.”