What is Mastercam and how can I use it?

Do you love design? Do you love to make things? If you do, you are going to love using Mastercam. If you’re new to learning about Mastercam and are curious what it is and how you can use it. We have answers for you and solutions for learning more about Mastercam and its features.

Mastercam is a one of the longest running tools that helps people make products and machine tool items quickly and efficiently. It’s one of the most widely used CAM/CAM packages in the world and continues to evolve with technology and use cases. 

In 2017 Mastercam made large changes to the format of the software and moved to a tab format, changing the ease of use for the software dramatically. Different levels and functions include:

Design – Using Design is where you can create 3D wire-frames with geometry creation, solid modeling and dimensioning. This is where you can start creating a product or idea and laying it out to see how it looks and operates.

Mill Entry & Mill – This is a 2-3 axis single surface design tool. You will be able to figure out how to machine products using different drilling operations.

Lathe Entry & Lathe – This feature allows a machinist to accurately cut from traditional lathe using CAD while also including roughing, threading and boring.

Router, Wire and Art these 3 features allow for better multi surface engraving and multi access wirepath. Converting 2D art to 3D art can be performing using the Art tool.

Whether you are just getting started in your process of learning about Mastercam or are a seasoned pro that is getting back into the industry, you’ll love the Mastercam training through StreamingTeacher. It’s online based, it’s at your own pace and we have a vast array of historical documentation available for previous versions a change history.



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