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Streamingteacher & Mastercam

Yes, it comes with the Mastercam HLE (Home Learning Edition) software. You are able to download the HLE at no additional charge once you subscribe to the courseware. This software was created by CNC Software, Inc. (the creators of Mastercam software).
You must have Windows 7 (or later) to run this release. Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent) minimum 64-bit Intel®-compatible processor. Note: The processor must be SSE2-compatible. Intel-compatible processors manufactured since 2003 should be SSE2-compatible. Operating System: Windows 7 (Professional or Ultimate) including the latest service packs and recommended updates Memory 2 GB minimum Additional RAM recommended for optimal performance Graphics Configuration 256MB OpenGL-compatible graphics card (minimum) Professional-level graphics card designed for CAD/CAM applications required, NVidia Quadro or AMD FirePro series recommended Integrated graphics controllers are not supported 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution (minimum) Full hardware acceleration display setting is recommended Hard Disk Drive Space 3 GB available hard disk space (minimum) Note: Beginning with the release of Mastercam X7, Windows XP and Windows Vista will no longer be supported by Mastercam.
Yes, Streamingteacher can be viewed from any smartphone or tablet.
Streamingteacher videos can be watched anywhere you have an internet connection. However, the Mastercam HLE/Demo software will not work with MAC unless you are running Windows Boot Camp. Note: Mastercam does not support MAC OS.
Included features of the HLE Demo / Home Learning Edition Software: *No SIM or security code required *All Mastercam options and modules are supported except the CATIA translator *Read MCX, EMCX, MCAM and EMCAM files *Save files only to new EMCAM format *No output or export (translators, MCX formats, etc.) *No post processing
Yes, we will continue to add material to the most current version of the courseware until the next version is released. Once a new version of Mastercam is released we will no longer add material to this or any older versions.
Yes, we can break up your payment in 2 equal payments, with the first being due at the time of subscription and then again on that date the following month. (This option does not apply to any payments made thru PayPal)
You will be responsible for any fees incurred with your bank for an NSF item. Your subscription will be suspended immediately until you contact us. (503) 653-5260 Monday through Friday 8AM - 5PM
Yes, there is a 15% renewal discount if you renew before your existing membership expires. To get your discount log into your account and click on the "By Now" text. Pick your membership length and you will automatically see the cart total update to reflect the discount. Note: The time will be added to your existing membership and payment will be charged at the time of renewal.
Yes, the 15% discount will be given for the entire order. Example: You will be charged regular pricing for the 1st membership and 50% off for each additional membership purchased at that time plus the entire order will receive a 15% renewal discount automatically at checkout.
You can not change your Username (it should be your email address), however you can change your password by logging into your account and selecting "Account Information" in the menu to the left, and checking the "Change Password" box below your email address. This will give you another popup box where you can enter your new password.
No, Streamingteacher will work on any computer or smart device anywhere you have an internet connection. (Note: only one computer/smart device at a time can be logged into the same subscription.)
We are unable to combine multiple memberships into one account. However, you can assign the unused membership to your account or another user's account.
If you open IE and go into "Tools" on the tool bar and then "Compatibility View" and add
No, we offer discounted pricing for multiple memberships at the time of purchase only or if you re-order before your existing membership expires.
If you do receive an 'Invalid username/password' message then please try to enter your username/password again. If you have forgotten your password, use the 'Forgot Password?' link to retrieve your password. Username and passwords are case sensitive.If you do not receive an 'Invalid username/password' message and still can't login to the site then ensure that your web browser is configured with the following: Cookies Enabled and Java Enabled. If you use pop-up blocker software try disabling this or add to the list of allowed sites.
This message indicates your account does not currently have an active membership to the courseware. If you have an assigned membership from your employer or educational institution, please check your email inbox. Follow the simple instructions to activate your membership.
(1) Try letting the video buffer before you view it. (2) Close other browser tabs and windows. (3) Make sure you have either the latest version of Flash running on your computer, or use a browser with native HTML5 support. (4) Switch to another internet browser
Firefox and Opera: Flash - Safari (5+) and Chrome: HTML5
WINDOWS - Firefox, Chrome (any version), Internet Explorer (11+): HTML5 / Opera (any version): Flash - WINDOWS PHONE (7.5+) Internet Explorer (9+): HTML5 - ANDROID (4+) - Default browser, Chrome, Firefox (any version): HTML5
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our services. We offer a refund within 48 hours. Please contact us at 1(503)653-5260 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST or email us at:

Taking Courses on Streamingteacher

Please contact us with any inquiries about changing your account name or account status at 1(503)653-5260 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.
You may change your password from your Profile page. Click Update Profile to enter a new password or click the Forgot Password link when from the login page.

Certificate courses direct each user to view selected videos within the course. The user's knowledge is evaluated with several quizzes. If the user passes each quiz with a score of 80% or better, they will earn a certification for that course. Certificates can be printed at any time from the user's Profile Page.

The Video Library content includes every video tutorial we have available. The tutorials are organized into several lesson groups. A user can start at the beginning and work their way through or use keyword searching to find tutorials pertaining to their needs and application.

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