How the Consumer Goods Industry uses Mastercam.

Mastercam training from StreamingTeacher gives you the tools and expertise to create a range of test or prototype products through to a finished product. Learn how consumer goods companies are using training from StreamingTeacher.
Consumer goods companies use the training that they receive on Mastercam to hone in their skills to better and more efficiently manufacture products. Finished goods require a high level of precision while also accounting for flexible needs as a product develops along its production timeline.

Smaller companies may need to create a specialized product that is only used in small production runs, while larger consumer goods brands and products may be creating a product that will be replicated millions of times. High end consumer goods companies are using their StreamingTeacher training to create precision products, while start ups are creating products an testing them in the market in the early phase of their company.

Manufacturing requires several Mastercam solutions including Mill, Lathe, Solids training, all are offered through StreamingTeacher. Using this training you will be able to quickly move into multiaxis manufacturing, improving your profit margins. Solids training means a more efficient design process and control over your toolpaths creates a an environment where the look and feel of your product is at a very high end.

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